EWS & BDS Results

What a weekend of racing! With the 2nd round of the EWS taking place in Argentina & the 1st round of the BDS being held at AE Forest. I don’t think there could have been anymore contrast between the condition these two lots of riders faced over the weekend.

Unfortunately the stereotypical Scottish weather prevailed and the riders were subject to rain & mud for the entire weekend. Still looked like a fantastic weekend of racing. With Rachel Atherton missing it is hard to say if these result are an indication of the world cup season that is kicking off next week in Lourdes.


Photo Taken from Manon Carpenters Facebook

Elite Womens Top 3

  1. Manon Carpenter
  2. Tahnee Seagrave
  3. Katy Curd

Women Top 3

  1. Eleanor Maxfield
  2. Megan Whyte
  3. Deborah Primrose

Junior Womens Top 3

  1. Cairn Bell
  2. Rona Striven
  3. Rosy Monaghan

Full BDS Results 

EWS Results Rd 2

Conditions on the other side of the globe couldn’t be more of a contrast to the delights offered in Scotland, the sun was out and the dust was thick!


Photo: Sven Martin (Taken from Anneke Beerten Facebook)

Womens Top 3:

  1. Celine Ravanel
  2. Casey Brown
  3. Isabeau Courdurier

Full EWS Results Here



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