UCI to Host Stevie Smith Memorial Run at Fort William World Cup

Fort William was always going to be an emotional world cup after the tragic passing of Stevie Smith. Upon hearing the news of Stevie’s death the mountain bike community pulled together on a number of MTB forums to express their love and gratitude for 4 time World Cup Winner. One Pinkbike user requested that at the next round of the World Cup in Fort William a Memorial Run be held in Stevie’s honour! The request gained so much momentum online that the UCI have announced that a memorial run will be held in Stevie’s honour during the next round at Fort William.  I can’t think of a more fitting way to honour one of the greatest mountain bikers in the world.
Dom request.

“The UCI has decided to take up your idea to pay tribute to Stevie Smith. Together with Red Bull and our event’s partners we’ve decided to plan a memorial run in Fort William, UK, early June. Stevie’s passing away has been a shock for the Mountain Bike community and beyond. This dedicated moment will provide a fitting honour to “The Chainsaw” and will also celebrate his contribution to the MTB discipline. Thank you again for providing the initial impetus for this memorial. More details will follow.” – UCI

“Some good news comes out of such a sad time: happy to see there will be a memorial run. Thanks for listening to the community, UCI, and glad I could be a part of that voice. #LongLiveChainsaw” – Dominic Wrapson AKA Hwulex


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