MTB Girls Ride – Group Ride



MTB Girls Ride just hosted our first girls group ride last weekend! Organising a group uplift day in Fort William was always going to be risky… as most people that are familiar with Fort William will know the weather is less than predictable!

After a good few weeks of decent weather I was optimistic that they weather was going to play ball! Sadly my optimism was short lived when I looked at the forecast on Friday afternoon! The word on the street was heavy showers and thunderstorms but the wind seemed okay so the ride would go on regardless of the rain…after all we live in Scotland and if we cancelled things when it rained we would never do anything.


I headed up to Nevis Range about 9am, half expecting to be the only person there. The rain was pelting down and on the whole it was just pretty grim! We had arranged to meet in the cafe and by 10am 17 girls had shown up! We headed out of the cafe ready to embrace whatever the weather had to throw at us.

We loaded the bikes on the Gondola and off we went. We’d got nearly three quarters of the way up the gondola and the words “well at least it’s not windy” had just escaped my lips when we looked out the gondola window and seen out bikes all fall to the side.The sudden panic stricken look across the girls faces was clear!


We all had a great sigh of relief as we pulled into the top Gondola station and the bikes well still hanging on. But the weather at the top of the Gondola was even more grim! I stepped outside the top station and nearly took a flight over Fort William. We decided to take shelter in the top gondola station cafe. After about 20 minutes we decided the worst of the weather had passed and to head out.

This was the first time that many of the group had ridden the red giant at Nevis Range! The track isn’t an easier red in fact it is very hard for a red but all the girls gave it a go and I would even go as far as saying they seemed to enjoy it…! At the bottom of the first run we divided up with some of the group opting to head into the woods and the rest opting for more gondola laps. Entering into  round 2 of us V’s the weather.

This time at the top station the rain had stopped the sun was out and this was how the day continued. Sunshine, winds…but all round good times.

It was so great to see so many girls stoked about riding their bikes. The whole feel of the day was awesome and we can’t wait to hold the next one!

Keep an eye out for the next group ride dates coming soon!


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