Summer MTB Destinations

Summer is sneaking up on us here at MTB Girls Ride – We can’t wait for some Summer Bike action! Whether that is Gondola Laps at the infamous Nevis Range, home to the World Cup Since 2002 or long mountain days in the Alps we know that it is going epic! We will be documenting out rides and trip throughout the Summer giving you some key tip of where to visit along the way, how to get there and what the trails are like! We will also be sharing with you all the must have kits for all our rides & trip.

We also want to hear from you this Summer! Share your stories with us on Social Media using #MTBGIRLSRIDE or send your images over to us at we’ll try and share as many stories and images as possible! Our first post will be dropping tomorrow Home of the World Cup – find it on our homepage

MTB Girls Ride – Group Ride



MTB Girls Ride just hosted our first girls group ride last weekend! Organising a group uplift day in Fort William was always going to be risky… as most people that are familiar with Fort William will know the weather is less than predictable!

After a good few weeks of decent weather I was optimistic that they weather was going to play ball! Sadly my optimism was short lived when I looked at the forecast on Friday afternoon! The word on the street was heavy showers and thunderstorms but the wind seemed okay so the ride would go on regardless of the rain…after all we live in Scotland and if we cancelled things when it rained we would never do anything.


I headed up to Nevis Range about 9am, half expecting to be the only person there. The rain was pelting down and on the whole it was just pretty grim! We had arranged to meet in the cafe and by 10am 17 girls had shown up! We headed out of the cafe ready to embrace whatever the weather had to throw at us.

We loaded the bikes on the Gondola and off we went. We’d got nearly three quarters of the way up the gondola and the words “well at least it’s not windy” had just escaped my lips when we looked out the gondola window and seen out bikes all fall to the side.The sudden panic stricken look across the girls faces was clear!


We all had a great sigh of relief as we pulled into the top Gondola station and the bikes well still hanging on. But the weather at the top of the Gondola was even more grim! I stepped outside the top station and nearly took a flight over Fort William. We decided to take shelter in the top gondola station cafe. After about 20 minutes we decided the worst of the weather had passed and to head out.

This was the first time that many of the group had ridden the red giant at Nevis Range! The track isn’t an easier red in fact it is very hard for a red but all the girls gave it a go and I would even go as far as saying they seemed to enjoy it…! At the bottom of the first run we divided up with some of the group opting to head into the woods and the rest opting for more gondola laps. Entering into  round 2 of us V’s the weather.

This time at the top station the rain had stopped the sun was out and this was how the day continued. Sunshine, winds…but all round good times.

It was so great to see so many girls stoked about riding their bikes. The whole feel of the day was awesome and we can’t wait to hold the next one!

Keep an eye out for the next group ride dates coming soon!


Home Is Where It’s Happening

It isn’t uncommon to be patriotic to your home town. But it makes it a little easier when you live somewhere as awesome as I do. Fort William is known to most as the home of British Downhill, but this small highland town has so much more to offer than just a Downhill track. Sure the track is heaps of fun and brings in thousands of visitors every year but the riding is so much more diverse than just that one track. This was showcased at the 2nd round of the Scottish Enduro Series a few weeks back, the race had a perfect balance of bike park to natural riding.


The 2nd round of the SES was my very first Enduro race so I thought I’d ease myself in and enter the lite category. I came away from the weekend with two thing.. 2nd place and an enduro convert. I now see the appeal of this discipline. You don’t have the same waiting around that you do in Downhill, your constantly on your bike having fun and after all that’s why we all ride to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Despite this I still have a love for big bikes and chairlifts which I can’t see changing anytime soon.

My favourite time of the year in Fort William is normally around late April till the end of June. The weather is usually nice, the midges are still in hibernation and most of the visitors still think we are snowed in so the place isn’t overly busy.

As I sit writing this outside in 22 degree heat I think it is a fair statement to say that winter is behind us (despite last weeks snow). I must admit I surprisingly enjoyed winter this year, there wasn’t too much snow at ground/trail level so I got out on my bike heaps and there was still enough up top to get some good snowboarding nailed. I am however glad to see the back of winter now. It was fun while it lasted but now it’s Bike, BBQ & Beach time. Summer plans are nearly finalised, we’re heading to France, Italy & Switzerland in June and then over to Slovenia in August. We also have our first Girls group ride in just under 2 weeks in Fort William. It’s a great chance to ride with like minded girls (at a discounted rate). Check it out here.


Girls Group Ride in Fort William on the 21st of May

This past weekend was the first weekend of Gondola uplift in Fort William, which to me signifies the start of Summer, the sun even made an appearance on the Sunday too.


The weather over the last few days has been phenomenal in Fort William the sun has been shining so brightly that it woke me up at 5am this morning and I decided to head out on a pre work bike ride (I might be a sleep at my desk by lunch time). Long may Summer continue.


Until Next Time 🙂 x

Qloom The World


Absolutely delighted to announce that MTB Girls Ride will be ambassadors of Qloom Bikewear in 2016! The surf inspired range is some of the best kit that I have ever worn so I’m super stoked to have been asked to be an ambassador for such an awesome brand!! 2016 is going to be one hell of a year! Look out for our awesome Qloom/MTB Girls Rides group rides throughout the summer.


Our first group ride is happening next month, it will be hosted at the mountain bike mecca that is Fort William! So come along and get involved! It is going to be and awesome day!

Details Here


Winter you A’ight but you just ain’t Summer


I like winter! It might not seem like it because I am always harping on about Summer, but I swear I do! Winter definitely has its perks. I can go snowboarding, the trails are a lot quieter, the scenery in Scotland is spectacular. But nothing can beat those Summer night rides, Travels & BBQ’s on the beach! So if I had to choose Summer for me would win every time and the good news is it isn’t that far away! The nights are stretching, the sun’s shining more & this week I got out on my very first after work ride without lights since October!



This was massive news! Recently when I’ve been finishing work at 5  I end up embarking on a full scale argument with myself trying to force myself to go to the gym! But last Monday was a different story! I drove home like a mad women dumped all my work stuff, threw my bike in the back of the car and headed for the trails, and within 20 minutes, me and my bike had made it to the North Face Carpark and we were on our way! Now it might have only latest just over an hour  and it may have resulted me try to navigate myself back to my car in darkness, but to me this 100% signifies the start of Summer 2016 & it got me pretty pumped.


In 2016 Fort William will host the first MTB Girls Ride group ride out!  If you are interested in coming along check out our Facebook Event. If you can’t make it don’t worry there will be a lot more rides throughout 2016!

2016 is bring some exciting times for me & MTB Girls Ride! Keep an eye out for some news we will be releasing soon! It has got me WELL excited!

Ride On!




Blog – AE Forest Northern DH TT


Last weekend saw us make the journey down from Fort William to AE forest for the NDH TT. I am pretty much as novice to racing, but I have really enjoyed the races that I have done and can’t wait to get a few more under my belt during the 2016 season.

We arrived at AE bright and early to find the car park almost full, I had no idea this was set to be such a busy event. After a mad dash trying to find get Louise entered, find a cash machine & then a full face helmet for her we were warmed up and ready to go.

So we built our bikes up and off we went, ready for some torturous hill climbs to the top of the track to start practice for the day… when we ask a girl at the bottom which way to cycle up she looked at is like we were crazy (and rightly so) and quickly pointed out to us that we could cycle up if we wanted but she would’t recommend it. This was a push up track no cycling up required.


The push up ran parallel to the track so it made for some good viewing of the other riders coming down. The track looked fast, not very technical but definitely speedy. There were loads of girls out in force for this race, there must have been well over 20 of us there, in a field of 120 which is pretty fantastic. The girls were all looking supper fast on track and it was clear that the racing was going to be eventful.

We managed to get 3 practice runs in before stoping to refuel and heading back up to the top of the track for the first race run. Race runs always seem like a bit of a blur to me I don’t really take in anything around me. However after reaching the bottom I  did know I wasn’t happy with my run, there were two parts of the track that I just could focus on and kept going off ( or nearly going off) the track .

After an hour, but what actually felt like no time at all we headed off back up the hill for our final race run, this run definitely felt looser, not sure about faster though.


Overall I wasn’t happy with how I was riding  on the day and I knew that I could of rode a lot better. But it was an excellent day riding with some friends  from home and friends from afar and the sun shawn for the entire day ( Not something that is common in Scotland in February ). Overall a great weekend of riding my bike somewhere new :)!

Thanks NDH for an awesome weekend! Can’t wait for more races in the next few months.

Ride On!