Hey! My name is Nikki Stafford, I am based in the Highlands of Scotland. I began biking at the ripe old age of 16, it all started with borrowing my friends Specialized Hardrock occasionally, it wasn’t long till I became hooked. After a few months of borrowing my friends bike I decided it was time to get my own…but the one problem with that was I was still in High School with no job & no money… so there was only one thing for it, time to go and beg my parents. Now for them this was nothing new, I was always picking up new hobbies asking for the gear & then decided within a few weeks it wasn’t for me ( my parents house is still full of sporting equipment & musical instruments that were going to be my “new thing”). So you can imagine they were pretty sceptical to help me out with a bike, but with Christmas just round the corner and constant badgering from me they gave in and on Christmas morning 2008 I became the proud owner of a Specialise Myka Sport (Below).


I set MTB Girls Ride up in June 2015! Since I started biking in 2008, the number of girls getting into biking has grown significantly, I hope with the introduction of hubs like MTB Girls Ride we can continue the momentum and get even more girls onto bikes! Biking has shaped my life into what it is today. In my short 24 years biking has been responsible for so many of the good times I have experienced, it has allowed me to visit some amazing places: from summers in New Zealand & Morzine, to trips to Canada. Along the way I have also met some amazing people, the adventure so far has been great and long may it continue! Life is too short to not enjoy what you do so get out there and do it!