Bluegrass Brave Helmet

Safe, Secure & Stylish 

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Safety is key with the Bluegrass Brave helmet. The design and construction of this helmet has been carefully developed to ensure optimum protection for your head. The  Brave helmet has the capability to withstand double the impact of most helmets this is because it is the first helmet on the market that uses D30 inserts. The D30 inserts are the result of highly innovative technology. They are made from a tactile polymer material which is composed of intelligent molecules. These are free flowing when at rest but stiffen on impact.

It is the smallest features of this helmet from the air vents on chin guard which prevent over heating on the warmest days to the easy use of goggles with the helmet. Giving maximum field of vision.

For me the comfort level of a helmet is crucial. Most of the time you have a helmet on for a significant amount of time and even after long days of chairlift and gondola runs this helmet still felt extremely comfortable. The padding in the helmet was perfectly position for optimum comfort. For this Bluegrass used an  anti-allergenic fabric varying the thickness according to the position in the helmet. The interior pads are also removable and can be hand washed.

No hearing loss – Definitely my favourite feature of this helmet. Bluegrass recognise that an accident is more likely with loss of hearing. This often isn’t recognised by many brands.  Bluegrass have taken steps in the development of this helmet to ensure minimum hearing loss.

Overall I loved this Helmet. I wore it consistently for over a month when I was over in the Alps this Summer and never once did I find the helmet uncomfortable, it is exceptionally light for all the features that are built into it. The helmet is also available in 4 vibrant colour combinations.

The helmet is available in 4 sizes, XS/S, M & L/XL.

Weight: 1015g (XS/S), 1035g (M), 1085g (L/XL

This helmet is available in 4 different colours

Helmet is available for £153 from Chain Reaction Cycles

Looking for a new trail Helmet then why not check out our review of the New MET Lupo helmet.


Bluegrass Brave Helmet was provided FOC from Bluegrass Eagle



Home Is Where It’s Happening

It isn’t uncommon to be patriotic to your home town. But it makes it a little easier when you live somewhere as awesome as I do. Fort William is known to most as the home of British Downhill, but this small highland town has so much more to offer than just a Downhill track. Sure the track is heaps of fun and brings in thousands of visitors every year but the riding is so much more diverse than just that one track. This was showcased at the 2nd round of the Scottish Enduro Series a few weeks back, the race had a perfect balance of bike park to natural riding.


The 2nd round of the SES was my very first Enduro race so I thought I’d ease myself in and enter the lite category. I came away from the weekend with two thing.. 2nd place and an enduro convert. I now see the appeal of this discipline. You don’t have the same waiting around that you do in Downhill, your constantly on your bike having fun and after all that’s why we all ride to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Despite this I still have a love for big bikes and chairlifts which I can’t see changing anytime soon.

My favourite time of the year in Fort William is normally around late April till the end of June. The weather is usually nice, the midges are still in hibernation and most of the visitors still think we are snowed in so the place isn’t overly busy.

As I sit writing this outside in 22 degree heat I think it is a fair statement to say that winter is behind us (despite last weeks snow). I must admit I surprisingly enjoyed winter this year, there wasn’t too much snow at ground/trail level so I got out on my bike heaps and there was still enough up top to get some good snowboarding nailed. I am however glad to see the back of winter now. It was fun while it lasted but now it’s Bike, BBQ & Beach time. Summer plans are nearly finalised, we’re heading to France, Italy & Switzerland in June and then over to Slovenia in August. We also have our first Girls group ride in just under 2 weeks in Fort William. It’s a great chance to ride with like minded girls (at a discounted rate). Check it out here.


Girls Group Ride in Fort William on the 21st of May

This past weekend was the first weekend of Gondola uplift in Fort William, which to me signifies the start of Summer, the sun even made an appearance on the Sunday too.


The weather over the last few days has been phenomenal in Fort William the sun has been shining so brightly that it woke me up at 5am this morning and I decided to head out on a pre work bike ride (I might be a sleep at my desk by lunch time). Long may Summer continue.


Until Next Time 🙂 x

World Cup Rd 2 Cairns

The world cup season is well underway! I can’t believe we have already had the 2nd round.

Local Aussie Tracey Hannah put a stop to a British 1,2 &3 grabbing 2nd place and her best result since Wyndham 2012, Rachel Atherton continued to dominated securing the win by a huge 7 second gap.

There wasn’t any major surprises in this race. We had previously predicted that Tracey Hannah would do well on her home track and that Atherton would continue her domination.  Carpenter however seems to be struggling to get out of the start gates, after dominating back in 2014 she has never quite got that flow back.

Rd 3 sees the World Cup to head back to the old favourite that is Fort William on the 4th/5th June!

Full Womens Results


Current Standings 



Dude What Are Those Gloves


These ION Dude gloves dropped through our letter box recently so we thought we had better give them a try. The gloves aren’t female specific but I didn’t find that to be a problem. Made with a mixture of light and durable materials the gloves are extremely well fitted & comfortable. I was wearing a size Small, I also have really small fingers & they fitted really well.

The gloves come in 5 different sizes & 3 different colours. They definitely aren’t an all year round glove but they are perfect for summer riding. They’re completely animal lover friendly, with no real leather insight, instead they use a high-quality synthetic leather that is in fact three times stronger than real leather. There is also a silicone_print on the fore & middle finger for precise and safe brake lever control (this was my favourite feature of the gloves). The upper material on the gloves is thin and stretchy enough that the heat can escape yet still durable enough not to rip or fray at the smallest amount of contact.

Overall I loved these gloves, they look good & feel good!

The gloves retail at £19.99

This product was provided to us FOC from ION Bike UK


ION Women’s Aerial Insulation Jacket

ION the Brand

ION Bikewear is definitely unique in comparison to most other bikewear out there. Their lines are inspired from surfing, which is where there roots lie. Initially established in 2004 they focused on wetsuits & neoprene products for the international windsurf, kitesurf, surf, SUP and wakeboard scene. ION’s unique combination of high quality products wrapped in a progressive style and design found fans all over the world – becoming the global market leader for wetsuits and harnesses in the wind- and kitesurf world.
Then in late 2012, ION took the same approach to the slopes, launching a separate bike division with functional cycling gear, clothing, accessories, gloves and protection.



The Jacket

I absolutely hate layers! To me the worst thing about Winter riding in the UK is that you have to wear a load of layers. It makes me feel really restricted & uncomfortable when I am riding. I have been waiting years for a solution for this and it looks like ION may have gone and cracked it.

I have spent the last few weeks testing this ION Womens Aerial Insulation Jacket. As the name suggests the jacket is designed to keep you warm, the Primaloft Silver lining in the jacket is designed to keep you warm on even the coldest of days. The jacket also has Thermo Mapping which prevents you from over heating.

The front of the jacket has a soft durable water repellency shell that will keep you dry during light rain shower, the back of the jacket has Technostretch fleece to let heat escape. The fleece like material on the back of the jacket doesn’t have any water repellency in it so  I wouldn’t recommend this jacket for rainy days, but it will offer enough protection if you get caught in a small rain shower.

The Review

After previously wearing ION clothing I had high expectations for this jacket. I have always found their kit to be of high quality and durable in all conditions and I wasn’t wrong. ION once again met my expectations, the jacket is extremely comfortable, it is non restricting which makes it easy to move around the bike. The primaloft silver lining & the thermo mapping in the jacket are ideal for keeping your body at the right temperature, preventing you from becoming to hot or too cold, therefore allowing you to conserve energy on your ride.

One of the great feature that comes with a lot of ION clothing these days is the Clear_Optics: integrated lens cleaning fabric helping you to keep your lenses clear on even the muddiest of days. The jacket also has two front zipped pockets reducing your chances of losing stuff during your ride.

This jacket isn’t just great for a day on the trails, it is also  excellent for days on the hills hiking or even going out for a run. I have used this jacket now for a range of different activities and works fantastically for them all. The jacket retails for around £147.99, which is fairly reasonable for the quality & diversity of the jacket. The jacket is reasonably light and will easily fit into most backpacks.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL

Price: £147.99

ION Philosophy

ION is about challenging yourself, experiencing nature and feeling its force.  
Therefore ION develops gear that is not only smart and innovative, but also transforms this passion into an unique design.

This product was provided to MTB Girls Ride F.O.C from ION UK.



How To Get Into Mountain Biking

Getting Into Mountain Biking

I have a few friends who keep saying to me they love the idea of Mountain Biking and would love to try it but either they can’t afford the expense or they think it looks to scary. So here’s a quick how to guide to show you it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it is really more fun than scary.

1.Don’t Spend a Fortune

Contrary to belief you don’t need to sell a kidney to raise the money to get into mountain biking. Just follow a few simple steps, don’t buy a brand new bike straight away. Buy a decent 2nd had hardtail/AM bike and use that for a few months. The same goes for riding gear buy second hand and you could save a fortune. Use site like to find a descent 2nd hand bike/gear.


2. Go Riding With Some Pals.

Go out riding with some friends it is heaps more fun and  it will give you more confidence than solo riding.  If you don’t have any friends that ride then find your local MTB forum it is a great way to find people near you to go riding with.


2. Keep it Calm on the First Day.

Don’t push it to hard on your first day. If you do it will most likely result in you crashing and it will most definitely put you off. The person that came up with the saying “it’s as easy as riding a bike” saying clearly wasn’t referring to mountain biking…


3. Know Your Limits

Don’t give into peer pressure, you know your limits better than anyone else does so don’t let them tell you what you should be riding, don’t let someone convince you to tackle steep black graded runs on your first few weeks of riding. Fortunately for us girls aren’t half as bad a boys at applying the peer pressure (sometimes).


5. Use the Right Protection

And finally… Wear protection this is a must. Always make sure you wear a helmet.. and any other armour that you feel you should be wearing knee & elbow pads etc.

Helmets Are a Must!

Helmets Are a Must!

But above all else have fun!

2015 Look Back

Happy New Year

What an awesome year 2015 was and we can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

We have loads of exciting things in the pipeline for 2016 and can’t wait to see it all materialise.

A big thank you again to everyone that has helped and supported MTB Girls Ride in the last 6 months. It is unreal how much it has grown in such a short time!

Keep and eye out for all the exciting news of 2016 coming soon! In the mean time take a look a few of 2015’s highlights!

A Glimpse of 2015:



BES Have cleared up the confusion! Full face helmets are recommended but NOT compulsory!


The Christmas Gift Guide


With Christmas just round the corner it is the perfect time to replenish your biking gear! So here is what we have on our christmas list! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for yours!

1. Muc-Off Ultimate Bike Cleaning Tool Box Kit


With the rainy, muddy and cold winter season well under way we may hate the idea of cleaning our bike. But if we want it to keep running smoothly then we need to give them some TLC. So make this Muc-Off kit a top priority for your Christmas list to help your bike make it through to the Summer Season!

2. Elite SuperCrono Power Mag ElastoGel Trainer


The winter nights are drawing in and unless you are night riding mad then it can be hard to find the motivation to put the night lights on and go for a spin. So for most of us at this time of year the trails are for Weekends only. Making this Turbo Trainer the ideal Christmas present if you want to keep your legs moving even when you can’t face the cold and dark night.

3. X-Bionic Anatomical Bike Beaver Shirt


We choose this shirt because it is a great all rounder. The heavy price tag is justified by the fact that you can use it throughout the entire year. So whether you are sweating in the Summer sunshine or freezing during a snowy winter ride this shirt has you covered.

4. O’Neal Rockstacker Shorts


I love these shorts, despite the fact they are male shorts they are the perfect fit and so comfy to ride in. I much prefer an over the knee short, however most of the time women shorts are too ‘short’ and guys shorts are far to long. They retail for around £70 which is in line with most other MTB brands.  The roominess in these shorts make them ideal for winter riding when you are probably going to have tights on under your shorts, yet they are light weight enough for summer too.

5. Bell Super 2 Helmet 2016


We’ve been taught it from a young age… Always use protection… and before your dirty minds do over time I’m talking about MTB Protection! A helmet is by far the most import piece of equipment when riding, so it’s important that it fits just right. This Bell Super Helmet is my choice of helmet it is a great fit. It’s loaded with technologies including cooling Overbrow Ventilation, a new breakaway camera mount, and an upgraded TAG fit system that makes dialling in fit easier than ever. And best yet, it is compatible with the Super 2R chin bar.